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Our Core Principles


Defining DEI


Diversity is the presence of a wide range of human qualities and attributes, both visible and invisible, within a group, organization or society

Equity is a condition or state of fair, inclusive and respectful treatment that recognizes and acknowledges the accommodation of differing needs and expectations. Equity acknowledges the fact that equal treatment does not always lead to equal results

Inclusion is creating an environment where people have both the feeling and reality of belonging and are able to achieve their full potential.

Our Priority Areas

For more information on how we approach each priority area and for a list of relevant D&I Charter commitments, check out our D&I Charter Webinar Series

Creating Equitable and Inclusive Workplaces

core_buildingEquitable & Inclusive Workplaces are defined by the D&I Charter Initiative as supportive environments with structures and systems that respect people for who they are and the uniqueness they bring, and allow people to perform at their best. Given that the workplace is a microcosm of society at large, there is a mutually reinforcing relationship between organizational culture and individual and community wellbeing. Furthermore, all employees within an organization have a role to play in the creation of equitable and inclusive workplaces.

Ensuring the Provision of Equitable and Inclusive Community Services

core_personEquitable & Inclusive Community Services, as defined by the D&I Charter Initiative, are characterized fundamentally by the recognition of all forms of human diversity; by the accommodation of differing needs and expectations; and by the creation of safe and welcoming spaces that allow individuals to achieve their full potential.

Organizations that directly or indirectly provide services to the community need to be aware of people’s diverse needs and starting points in order to develop effective programs and provide effective services. Equitable and inclusive service provision is key to the creation of a healthy, vibrant and sustainable Peel community.

Recognizing and Supporting Diverse Neighbourhoods and Communities

core_eyeDiverse Neighbourhoods and Communities are defined by the D&I Charter Initiative as encapsulating human diversity in all of its forms. They are healthy, vibrant and sustainable systems in which all residents and community members are respected, supported and are able to thrive. In order to foster greater inclusion and equity within a society, it is important that diverse neighbourhoods and communities be increasingly fostered, recognized and consistently supported.

Our Theory of Change


Phase 2 of the D&I Charter Project focuses on three core areas for action that support the implementation of the Charter initiative: (i) Building the Charter Community; (ii) Identifying Best Practices, Resource Sharing and Supporting Implementation; and (iii) Assessment, Partnerships and Recognition. These three action areas are interconnected and dynamic and are expected to evolve over time.