What is the Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative?

A project of the Regional Diversity Roundtable, the Diversity & Inclusion Charter of Peel Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative is engaging twelve diverse communities in Peel Region (Brampton, Caledon and Mississauga) in an effort to strengthen leadership capacity among residents. It is a two-year initiative supported by the Ontario Trillium Foundation.

We at the Regional Diversity Roundtable believe that communities themselves hold solutions to many social challenges, and that grassroots mobilization is essential for building stronger, more equitable and more inclusive communities. We are trying to encourage residents to think about how they can capitalize on their community’s strengths and furthermore, how they can work together to find solutions to common barriers. In a diverse region such as Peel, creating strong inter-community relationships is essential to creating a sense of a Peel community and mobilizing around issues that span across diverse communities.

The communities we are engaging include:

  • African and Caribbean
  • Arab
  • Gujarati
  • Hindi-speaking
  • Persons with Disabilities/Accessibility Needs
  • Polish
  • Punjabi
  • Latin American
  • Tamil
  • Chinese
  • Filipino
  • Urdu-speaking

In a region that is one of the largest, most diverse and fastest growing municipalities in Canada, it is important that we create the spaces, we deliver the services, and we afford the opportunities that will create feelings of belonging and allow individuals and communities to thrive.

From September to December 2016, the Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative held two rounds of consultations for each of the twelve communities involved in the project. We invite you to join us at our third round of consultations!

THIRD COMMUNITY CONSULTATION… We want to hear from you!

During these sessions, we want to hear from you about what actions we can take as individuals and communities to make Peel Region a more inclusive place to live, work and play.

Community members will have the opportunity to work with each other to:

  • Identify an issue facing your community that you are interested in changing or improving.
  • Think about what actions you can take to work with others around this issue. These actions can be big or small!
  • Generate ideas around cross-cultural collaboration. What supports and/or resources you already have in your community. How can you pool resources with others? What additional support do you need?
  • Piece together how this all relates to the D&I Charter’s vision and 12 Commitments!

We will have the Charter available in ten languages at each community consultation.


Join us at the third series of consultations (November, 2017)! Please see below for the details of each consultation. If you are interested in participating in a community consultation, connect with our Community Outreach Coordinator.

Thursday, November 2, 6-8pm
Mississauga Valley Community Centre, Program Room 3
1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd, Mississauga

November 8, 6-8pm
Mississauga Valley Community Centre, Silverthorn Room
1275 Mississauga Valley Blvd, Mississauga

Thursday, November 9, 6-8pm
Punjabi Community Health Services, Program Room
50 Sunny Meadow Blvd, Brampton

Wednesday, November 15, 6-8pm
South Flecher’s Sportsplex, Craft Room
500 Ray Lawson Blvd, Brampton

Wednesday, November 22, 6-8pm
Meadowvale Community Centre, Program Room 1
6655 Glen Erin Dr, Mississauga

Tuesday, November 28, 6-8pm
Malton Community Centre, Multipurpose Room 2
3540 Morning Star Dr, Mississauga

Wednesday, November 29, 6-8pm
John Paul II Polish Cultural Centre, Club Room
4300 Cawthra Rd, Mississauga

Latin American
Tuesday, December 5, 6-8pm
Chris Gibson Recreation Centre, Craft Room
125 McLaughlin Road, Brampton

Thursday, December 7, 6-8pm
Huron Park Recreation Centre, Board Room
830 Paisley Blvd W, Mississauga

Tuesday, December 12, 6-8pm
Chris Gibson Recreation Centre, Craft Room
125 McLaughlin Road, Brampton

To learn more about the first two round of consultations, please read below:

First Community Consultation

At the first series of consultations, community members across all 12 groups spoke about challenges and strengths their communities face. We asked community members what makes Peel Region feel like home, and what we can improve on to make the region more inclusive, and worth celebrating.


Second Community Consultation

We believe that our first language is the language of the heart – it is what we think and feel with. In order to have diverse communities truly understand the Charter and its principles, as well as be able to apply these principles on a daily basis – at home, at work, and within the community – at the second series of consultations, we presented the first draft of ten multilingual versions of the D&I Charter. We engaged community members in a conversation about how we can improve the translation to ensure it is community-friendly, culturally relevant, and uses inclusive language that resonates with the largest number of people.



Other ways to get involved in the Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative:

Participate in our FREE Community Leadership Program – September 2017

Endorse the D&I Charter!