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Phase 3


Phase 3 Overview

In May 2016, Phase 3 of the D&I Charter of Peel Initiative (also known as the Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative) began. This phase of the project is supported over two years by the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF)’s Grow Granting Stream.


The Objective: To make the D&I Charter accessible to diverse community members and to strengthen leadership capacity amongst diverse and multi-lingual residents of Peel region.


The Outcome: Since May 2016, the D&I Charter Community Engagement Initiative has been engaging twelve diverse communities in Peel region using models of appreciative inquiry and asset-based community development. In one year, 24 community consultations have been conducted across Peel, resulting in the D&I Charter being translated into 10 spoken languages of Peel residents. We are currently working on creating accessible versions of the Charter, which will be available soon. In September 2017, we will be launching the first ever Community Leadership Program in Peel, which will facilitate the development and implementation of a number of collaborative grassroots change-making initiatives across Peel’s diverse communities.

Look out for our first cohort of Community Ambassadors, to be announced in September!


Key Project Partners and Team Members


Community Supporters:

  • Ambi Wijayanathan
  • Ahtasham Rizvi
  • Diwany Selvarasa
  • Esa Para Nanda
  • Esel Pananqui
  • Ewelina Mydel
  • Feraz Rehman
  • Ivan Li
  • Laura Guerrero
  • María Paola Wong
  • Monica Valencia
  • Natalia Bialobrzewska
  • Petronila Cleto
  • Rabia Khedr
  • Reena Lu
  • Salima Tejani
  • Sammy Onyeama-Asonye
  • Sewak Singh
  • Tasneem Ahmed
  • Wijay Mailvaganam
  • Zeenat Lakhani

Community Champions:

To ensure that this initiative remains locally relevant and is guided by lived experience, we have been working with a group of Community Champions since September 2016. These individuals are all Peel residents and have helped facilitate local engagement in addition to providing us with valuable insights about Peel’s diverse communities.

Click on individual names to learn more about our Community Champions