Cheryll Medina

D&I Charter of Peel Community Champion

cc_cheryll_medinaCheryll lives in Mississauga and is a Champion for the Filipino community.

She has a Bachelors Degree in Communication Arts, and a Masters in Strategic Branding and Project Management from the Philippines.

Currently, she is working in the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services as an Administrative Coordinator. Having moved from Singapore two years ago, she is passionate about ensuring that the interests of different racial groups are reflected through the Peel Region’s policies related to education, housing, language and opportunities for growth.

She believes that with so many diverse communities in Peel, the region has a lot of talent and truly fostering inclusion and equity will create a strong community. She is involved in the Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative because she sincerely wishes to help and make a difference in uniting and caring for people through community service.