Sajeeka Jayakumar

D&I Charter of Peel Community Champion

cc_sajeeka_jayakumarSajeeka Jeyakumar has been a Brampton resident for the past 17 years.

She studied Cultural Anthropology and Biology at the University of Toronto and then completed her degree in Medicine abroad. Today she works with different ethnic groups in the mental health field as the Founder and Executive Director of TraumAssist International, an agency that focuses on emotional suffering after traumatic events.

Her passion for mental and emotional well-being stems back to her Tamil community fleeing from the 30-year war in Sri Lanka. She speaks Tamil fluently and identifies herself as a Tamil-Canadian.

As a community leader and Peel resident, her motivation for involvement with the Community Engagement and Leadership Initiative as a Community Champion is to cultivate a culture of inclusion across Peel.

She is incredibly invested in ensuring that the diverse residents of Peel live in a healthy, respectful and supportive environment.